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Demo Reel

Running Time: 1:43 min

Color / Sound 

Two short scenes and a quick montage of other work that I have done in the past few years


American Ghost Story (Trailer)


The story of a runaway trapped in a dead end motel who stumbles on a grisly murder as the result of a prostitution ring

Bombshell Bloodbath follows the daughter of a brilliant scientist trying to bring his wife back to life, with massive and violent consequences.

Bombshell Bloodbath (Extended Trailer)

Shifting Ground - Kindler

Collaboration with director Jack Pennington and progressive band Kindler. 

The Bold And the Spicy: an Apology

The Bold and the Spicy follows an insane family who had too much and now has far too little, and the two creative men who learn to hate each other as they bring the story to life.

The Means (Teaser Trailer)

When an emotionally damaged young man befriends the quirky girl across the street, he learns her charming demeanor conceals something more sinister.

Mad Chix: Feminist Road

Taylor Swift meets Mad Max in this HBIC mash up.


P.S. I did the crow noise y'all

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